Our Mission:  Raising Money for People Living with HIV/AIDS and other critical illnesses with Great Antiques

Food For Thought Antiques is owned and operated by Food For Thought--Sonoma County Food Bank. The antique store was bequeathed to the food bank by supporter J. Randall Thompson. His hope was that his gift would provide an ongoing source of income for Food For Thought. Through generous donations and community support we have been able to keep that dream a reality. Food For Thought (FFT) is a nonprofit grassroots food bank organization dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of all persons living with HIV and other serious illnesses in Sonoma County. Founded in 1988, we currently provide services to 700 men and women from all walks of life - as well as their dependent children - in a safe and welcoming environment. All services at the Food Bank are offered free of charge.

Food For Thought operates with a small staff and a huge force of volunteers, more than 600, to ensure that the maximum amount of the food bank's resources can go directly to food and client services. For more information about Food For Thought you can visit its website (www.fftfoodbank.org) or call directly at 707-887-1647. Food For Thought Food Bank is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am-5:00 pm.